Empower the State with Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy? Why do we need it to empower the nation and its people? These are just two of the basic questions that are asked when topics in renewable energy are discussed. 

Renewable energy is an energy generated naturally from the sun or perhaps any other natural sources, mechanisms, and environmental activities. This type of energy can be directly and indirectly derived from such natural sources like the sun. Another important thing about  renewable energy is that it can actually be replaced naturally for a period of time. Basing from its name, renewable energy is basically energy that
can be renewed.

Today, the search for the ultimate renewable energy is still ongoing. Man has yet to announce on the best option that can be used. However, there are now a lot of active steps that are done to develop such renewable energy sources to be able to help supply the demand of the necessary energy that is continuously increasing while taking good caution not to destroy the environment. 

Here are some of the best examples of renewable energy of today:

Nuclear Power. This type of process utilizes nuclear fission to produce heat. This is dubbed as the most controversial as well as dangerous renewable energy discovered. 
Geothermal Power. This is a type of energy that is produced as well as processed through natural means. The use of this type of energy is considered not only efficient but also cost effective, reliable as well as environmentally friendly. However, this type of energy can only be utilized by those nations that are geographically situated on tectonic plate boundaries. 
Natural Gas. This is an alternative to using diesel, gasoline and propane fuel. This is not a very environment friendly alternative for renewable energy but this is considered much better compared to using fuels. 
Solar Power. This is energy derived from the sun that is processed to become electricity. This is a good type of renewable energy because of the abundance of the natural and primary material used for this which is the heat of the sun.
Wind Power. Wind turbines are the primary instruments that are used to produce electricity for this type of energy. This is a great discovery and this has been used by many countries now. This does not have any harmful effects to nature as well.
Hydroelectricity. This is a process that can produce electricity through hydropower or through the pressure derived from the force of rapidly flowing water. This is a good alternative to electricity production because this does not damage the environment and this can be adapted by all nations.
Wave Power. This is another form of renewable power that is generated through the use of the ocean and sea waves. 
Tidal Energy. This makes use of tidal generators to produce power or energy. This is also considered a more reliable and more efficient way of generating electricity that can then be used for many functions.